1. We believe in the infinite possibilities of stories—we believe in real and  imagined things, the seen and the unseen, and those heard and unheard. In each of these possibilities lies a story. We will constantly strive to give form to each new possibility, even when it has no precedent.
  2. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to how a story should be told. If new ideas need to be accommodated, we will write new rules, and set new standards.
  3. The story will always stand for itself, without theme or agenda. We will not tell the reader what to feel about the story. All we will do is to set the stage for imagination, wonder, wordplay, and thought.
  4. Our stories will reflect the contemporary realities of life, in a way that will not cause any offense to any individual or group of individuals. We will make no distinction on the basis of age, colour, caste, creed, or gender. Our mandate will always remain telling a good story
  5. Our books will empower, by not being restricted to a certain group in any manner. We will always try to make books accessible to all.
  6. We will work towards making publishing a viable business where each individual involved—author, editor, illustrator, designer gets his/her fair share for the effort put in. 
  7. We will constantly strive to create a replicable process out of each of our efforts; to create our own ‘method to the madness’. Our processes will always remain flexible, lateral, and accommodating of the various needs of the people involved, as well as the needs of our readers.

Anam Fatima
Shyam Madhavan Sarada

We are band of magicians creating magic through books. Join us if you believe in the infinite possibilities of books!