Revathi Suresh’s follow-up novel to Jobless, Clueless, Reckless (2013)

Ditto’s gotten hard to read over the years—that makes it sound like I knew him inside out when he was a kid and I really don’t think I did. For Appa, I think we were frozen in whichever place he’d left us at. It was like living with a complete stranger. If I stare at Amma long enough, maybe it’ll give me an insight into how her mind works. It’s hard not to stare at Vinay. When I do it for long enough, I convince myself that I’m in love with him. Like Goldilocks, Lara riffles through the contents of my mind, going through stuff clearly marked private and trying everything on for size. What kind of a stupid scene is this that I meet some guy I used to crush on from within the safe confines of my head and decide that he’s it, my grand passion.

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